Sergey A. Dzugan MD. PhD.

Sergey Dzugan, MD, PhD, is a former heart surgeon, professor, published cancer research scientist and  world leader in Restorative Medicine.

In the past I have written books that focused on the aging problem, but always from the viewpoint of the physician, which presented issues with relatability. There are many books on this topic, but the majority of them were written by medical doctors. Now you have the opportunity to read a beautifully written book about female issues related to aging from the viewpoint of both a patient and a layperson.

Many difficult problems are presented in a simple and easy-to-understand way, but are well backed up with the proper scientific data. Jill masterfully examines the core of various issues using a basis in scientific analysis while still presenting the information in a very understandable way. She writes not only about the problems, but also their origin, which allows for a discussion about preventative measures without resorting to drugs and their side effects. A point is made regarding solving issues via a physiological approach, an approach that is described as being fully grounded in the study of how the body functions on a daily basis.

During the progress of aging the body no longer works in an optimal way. This entire process is relatively complex, and breaking it down adequately for comprehension is not an easy task. In this case, however, this task is very well executed.

I want to applaud Jill for the terrific job she’s done. I hope that you will enjoy reading this book and take full advantage of the wealth of information contained within it.

Sergey A. Dzugan, MD, PhD
Founder and Director


Sergey A. Dzugan, MD, PhD is co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of the Dzugan Institute of Restorative Medicine and a former Chief of Cardiovascular Surgery. Dr Dzugan is a Member of the Editorial Board of the Neuroendocrinology Letters and a member of the Medical Advisory Board at Life Extension Magazine.