Foggy Memory

Foggy Memory

When women approach menopause it is very common for us to suffer memory lapses or ‘ foggy memory moments’ and the inability to concentrate. We may misplace our car keys, forget people’s names or forget their birthdays. We may lose our train of thought easily, and find it more difficult to focus, which can be very distressing at times. These symptoms are considered a normal part of the menopause, and are associated with a decline of oestrogens at this time, together with high stress levels.

It doesn’t have to be like this; restore you body and obtain ‘body balance’ and optimal health!

The Menopause Roadmap!

Menopause is made up of three transitions, or let’s call them stages.  Perimenopause Menopause Postmenopause (after menopause) All three have a name because all three

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